About me

My story and how it all began...

\"Never ask what the world needs. Ask yourself, what makes you alive? Because the world needs people that are truly alive.\"

Howard Thurman


I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia. Being a very sick child, I was constantly fed antibiotics, one after another. As an astenic, pale and weak child I spent 7 years of my life in the sick bed. Finally, my pediatritian got the idea to send me to children\'s sanatorium in an area of the country that was clean and unpolluted. I spent some horrible two month there (in an atmosphere resembling a military camp), but something miraculous happened: I did not get sick even once while I was there and neither afterwards. The vicious circle was broken.

They did not give me any drugs, nor medicaments there. Just 2 things: fresh air and long walks in nature. Maybe also food that they pushed into me in the beginning (I have never been a big eater).

This was something that made me really think: our medical science with all its knowledge and number of drugs could not bring back my health in all these 7 years and nature did it in just 2 months.

That was scary, in a way. I was only seven but I started to get worried: if doctors could not resolve such relatively easy and simple thing like my on-going bronchitises, colds, flus, anginas etc., can I expect them to be able to handle anything more serious? What if me or someone from my family or friends gets cancer? Or diabetes? Are they capable to really restore anyone \'s health?

My childhood conclusion was simple: they were not. One had to learn to take care of oneself and, ideally, also know how to help others if they get sick.

I was thinking about other cultrures: India, China, Egypt, Hebrews - what did they think about health and healing? How did they treat diseases? And I decided to start a journey of exploration about other medical systems and their ways of healing.

That was long time ago. But things have not changed much, since. I am becoming more and more convinced that our present day medicine is not about restoring anyone s health at all. This is not its the primary goal nor interest. Our medical system focuses on treating symptoms, diseases (and inventing names for new ones). I got quite some number of diagnoses as a child, but no healing.

I have limited the visits to doctor\'s offices to just the unavoidable ones (compulsory school checks or a check to get the driving licence being the latest one). When a problem occurs, I try to resolve it myself or with the help of practitioners of natural medicine.

My interest in healing systems and medicine had led me to attend many seminars and courses about healing and I managed to first materialize my vision with Aura-Soma - colour therapy (founded 40 years ago in England, by Vicky Wall). I am the distributor of Aura-Soma for the Czech Republic and an owner of a shop in Prague. I try to collect and gather products that I know can be helpful in treating different health issues.

dōTERRA means the \"gift of the earth\"

In 2012 I discovered doTERRA essential oils and they changed my life. Not that I would not know essential oils before, but I never came across oils of such a high quality. Oils that can really heal and restore health on many levels (not just the physical one). Since than, essential oils are my foremost interest as I have never seen anything so simple to use, safe and efficient that can help to resolve broad spectrum of issues. Small bottles packed with healing potential.

I started to share these oils on lectures, seminars, in my shop, and the number of oil enthusiasts grew. Today I have doTERRA teams in several countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden) and my life consists largely of travelling, teaching and meeting people. You never know what happens when you bring these oils into your life. Sometimes they start to work on levels you would never expect.

Working with essential oils is a modern day alchemy. As close as we can get to the mysteries of life and matter. And this work is open and accessible to everyone.

It is nice that things tend to be in balance. On one hand we have dysfunctional medical system and forces that try to suppress all effective, natural cures. On the other hand we have the possibility to get close to the essence of healing with the help of pure essential oils.

If you decide to try these oils, I am sure you will be as amazed as I was when I fist started to use them. You can come to some seminar or event or just contact me over email or telephone.

Looking forward to meeting you!




Essential oils

In my opinion, working with essential oils is not supplementing nor complementing modern medicine that is practiced in our part of the world. It is an invitation to adopt new perspective and new concept of what the health and healing is really about. 

What if the symptoms appearing on our body are just an invitation to look deeper and get closer \"to the essence\" and understanding of the kind of unbalance we have created?

Essential oils are great guides and helpers on this path. They are what the old alchymists considered the quintessence, soul of the plant, or concentrated healing force that can help us to get more attuned to our essence and bring back the lost balance. 

I would like to encourage people to take back the responsibility for their health and trust that our body is wise and capable of miraculous self-healing. If we provide adequate conditions and help with non-intrusive methods. 

Do not put too much attention to the symtoms and their supressing  - they are just waves on the ocean on a stormy day. Focus on the essence and support it, support the health, the sacredness of your life. And the rest will take care of itself.

If you use substances that are concentrated life-force (essential oils),  they will support life within you.

Because life always supports life.