Is your partner under a constant stress?
Is he/she tired? Often gets ill? Does he/she have a weak immunity, headache, backache, muscles and joints? 

You can learn AromaTouch -  simple technique that will teach you how to use  8 special essential oils to restore physical, mental and emotional health of your friends and beloved ones. 

This technique was developed by Dr. David K. Hill, a foremost expert in using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. 

“AromaTouch technique has been developed to maximize the health benefits of essential oils.Its powerful benefits can be effectively delivered equally well by both the novice essential oil enthusiast and the professional health practitioner.”
Dr. David HillAuthor of AromaTouch Technique

Great opportunity to learn  AromaTouch Technique
on a certified training seminar  

AromaTouch™ is simple, yet effective and easy-to-remember technique that brings about long term effects. You will have an opportunity to try out the role of the client and a massage practitioner and you can enjoy both, as the work with pure essential oils always brings benefits to both parties.


In AromaTouch technique we are using  8 essential oils to work on  4 factors that are more or less part of our everyday life and that can seriously influence our physical and emotional state: stress, toxicity, inflammation and autonomic system imbalance. These are the factors that are often found at the background of many modern day diseases. The AromaTouch technique uses the meridian and energy zone work to harmonize the body systems and to restore the state of balance - or homeostasis.  

  • 1
    Stress reduction
    Stress is everywhere these days. It can often seriously undermine our physical and emotional wellbeing. To relieve stress and support the relaxation, we use LAVENDER and a blend called BALANCE.
  • 2
    Reducing toxic load and supporting immunity
    Toxicity is one of the main factors that weaken our body systems. We apply MELALEUCA (tea tree) and a blend called OnGUARD to support the cleansing proces and to strenghten the immune system.
  • 3
    Inflammation and pain relief
    Chronic inflammation can be found behind many modern day disease. It destroys tissues and can cause many diseases, including autoimmune disesas and cancer. The third phase of AromaTouch uses two essential oil blends - AromaTouch and DeepBlue, that can promote healthy inflammatory process, instead of the destructive one.
  • 4
    Restoring balance of the autonomic nervous system
    Autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts: sympaticus and parasympaticus. To keep our body in optimal state, both systems need to cooperate and work in balance with each other. To achieve this state of balance (homeostasis) we use the oils WILD ORANGE and PEPPERMINT.

The whole procedure takes about one hour. We are using pure dōTERRA CPTG™  essential oils - of the highest therapeutic quality. 

Teacher: Lenka Marková

Lenka Marková

Certified AromaTouch trainer

What will you get on this course?

  • You will learn basic methods of working with essential oils and how to apply them on your body.
  • You will be able to use this technique to help others.
  • You will get a unique experience with relaxing, harmonizing and regenerating effect of essential oils.
  • You will experience both roles - giver and receiver of this technique.
  • The relaxing and uplifting effect of those precious smells will be unforgettable experience for your body and soul.
  • You will receive the set of essential oils of highest therapeutic quality.
  • You will be able to apply this method on others, the very same evening after the course.
  • You will get an attendance certificate. 


The price includes certificate, manual in English and a set of 8 essential oils (5ml) for practicing AromaTouch. 

24. September Ribe (kontakt: Lone Moss

25. September Copenhagen: Lenka Markova


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You can read about some experience others had with AromaTouch

I enjoyed my first AromaTouch Treatment last week, and will definitely make this part of my wellness plan. While the treatment addresses multiple issues, the two I most appreciated were the stress management and inflammation. I thought I would ask questions, but about 10 minutes into the treatment, I was sound asleep).
AromaTouch is amazing for physical and emotional well-being, but it also has an amazing power to help build community. Moments of touch and connection bring people together and help support understanding.I see this so much with the Hand Technique, you are sitting often eye to eye, taking the time to listen and just be. It creates a palpable connection for the giver and receiver. And that is priceless.
Lisa C.
Giving and receiving AromaTouch technique gives me a sence of balance and relaxation that no other modality has ever done. I feel completely reset, restored and rejuvenated for days after! It is my qucker fixer upper.
I had one Aromatouch treatment. It is truly awesome! It was the first time I had been exposed to essential oils so I did not know what to expect. I learned that the goal is to restore homeostasis or balance which can be offset by toxic insult from our environment, stress, inflammation, among many other things which then lead to other issues. After the session I felt like I had just enjoyed a day at a spa. I felt wonderfully relaxed and renewed both mentally and physically. I highly recommend this treatment which will take up only about 45 minutes of your day but will make you feel like you had been on a week vacation.